Art Projects Ina Damyanova

"I love being on the edge. In life, and in art. I’m learning to find balance and harmony, to be different, to face and endure storms… I need to flow between one state and another, to blur the lines. To me, art is a great provocation, with no constraints on the imagination or the means of expression. I am interested in the global impact, in transcending the form, in merging the shapes."

Ind Damianova

Ina's unique art works are also part of renowned international exhibitions such as the Art Centre Hugo Vouten‘s private collection in Belgium as well as private collections located in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria and Spain.



For me Essence is the other thing of the Soul, of what we are before we are born. That pure higher energy that each one of us is born with and so successfully loses in the process of life...

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Moon States - sculptures

Going through the fire of love and all that comes with it – contradictions, explorations, patience and impatience – I delved into my own boundaries and the balance between light and dark...

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Body Imprints - sculptures

We are alone. We come into contact with hundreds of people and expect one of them to fit into the dent of that imperfect...

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Knots - sculptures

The knot implies strength and tension, a multitude of unsolved situations...

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