Moon States sculptures. Ina Damyanova

Going through the fire of love and all that comes with it – contradictions, explorations, patience and impatience – I delved into my own boundaries and the balance between light and dark, between black and white, between male and female, Yin and Yang, and discovered that it is precisely in the juxtaposition between the two that the secret lies, as well as the path to creating harmony and truth. It took a while for me to dive into my own female depths, where I had secretly buried my disappointments, to face all my fears, the painful memories of lost loved ones and important findings along the way. It took a lot of courage to accept all these emotions, to acknowledge them, and then part with them. Moon States is a collection that reflects the sadness and joy that pierce the heart of a woman searching for herself, finding herself along the way. 


Mixed technique - Recycled paper, concrete, metal.