Bali Horizont public interior design. Ina Damyanova  

Tucked away from the bustle of the big city, nestled among the lush greenery of the Sea Garden in Varna, Horizon’s summer club is like a sudden plunge into a distant culture.
Fragrant exoticism seeps from every detail of the interior and transforms the place into a tropical escape from reality, into a meeting point somewhere between East and West.
All the materials used in the design were imported from Bali, so the Indonesian island is not only the inspiration but the birthplace of the project as well. The details are all authentic, right down to the lava stone flooring.

The river stone relief on the bar facing is a true masterpiece – an original artisanal work of a Bali master. The back walls are made from old teak doors with intricate engravings. These authentic Balinese details are skillfully contrasted with the rough concrete walls painted with frescoes of beautiful women. The garden is a key part of the overall visual concept of the club. The stone sculptures and fountains, and the carefully picked selection of plants create the feeling of freedom and adventure. 

The club

The club is part of the popular Horizon Complex in Varna, which has several restaurants, a gelateria, a summer and a winter bar, as well as a small boutique hotel. Ina Damyanova’s design concept was to create different design identities for each of the spaces, but keep them united within a common feel of historical richness, authenticity and timelessness.