Marché public interior design. Ina Damyanova

Marché Restaurant is part of the Horizon Complex, which accommodates several restaurants, a gelateria, a barbeque zone, a summer and a winter bar, and a small boutique hotel. Each of the spaces has its own specific character and visual identity, but together they work as one coherent entity.
The concept of a timeless space, impervious to fleeting fashion trends, aging gracefully, and only enriching its aesthetic value with time, was facilitated with the use of authentic accessories and antiques sourced in Southern France. Cozy and artistic, the interior creates an atmosphere of casual chic and comfort.

Aristocratic home

Marché Restaurant feels like stepping into an artistic, aristocratic home, filled with coziness and French chic. The glass walls and ceilings of the “winter garden”, with their beautiful art deco details, naturally give way to the lush greenery of the outdoor garden.